Dead Matter

Dead Matter, a game by Quantum Integrity Inc.

A rogue-lite that aims to quench the community’s thirst for a title that properly balances survival mechanics with gameplay.

What is Dead Matter?

Dead Matter, by indie company Quantum Integrity Software Inc., is a zombie survival rogue-lite set in a near future, post-apocalyptic Alberta. Bringing together various, handpicked elements of the open-world survival genre, along with our own original touches, Dead Matter aims to quench the community’s thirst for a title to properly balance survival mechanics with fulfilling gameplay.

Key Features

Zero pay-to-win features.

Detailed open-world interpretation of Alberta, Canada.

A map full of vehicles to explore with.

A sprawling collection of randomly generated locations.

Planned full modding support including Steam Workshop.

Survive the apocalypse by hunting, farming, or camping.

A talented and passionate team of developers and community staff.

A great community on both our Forums and Official Discord Server.

True Sandbox Survival

Almost any building in Dead Matter can be used as a safehouse so long as you maintain control of it. Place sheets or boards over the windows to block infected and player visibility.

Dead Matter - Safehouses
Dead Matter - CoOp Survival

Compete or cooperate with other survivors to recover rare gear or work towards uncovering the mystery surrounding the region.

Survival, By Any Means Necessary
Dead Matter - Find, Chase, and Kill

Locate, hunt, kill, and skin the wildlife of Alberta for their fur and meat. Make sure no part of an animal goes to waste.

Dead Matter - Farming

Utilize our in-depth farming system that takes advantage of the variety of tools at your disposal.

Dead Matter - Apocalyptic Decay

Survive in a slowly decaying world. Over time, fences will start to have more openings and buildings will grow dark and cold when the municipal power grid fails.

Our Mission

We are a hard-working team of multi-talented developers that all originate from the Source Engine and Fallout modding communities. Our core team currently consists of 3 full-time staff and a handful of contractors. We will expand our team upon releasing Dead Matter on Steam Early Access and continue to bring you the zombie survival experience you’ve been waiting for.