High Fidelity Audio & Personal Approach

Dead Matter supports a robust social interaction system with features such as true VoIP that simulates sound in 3D space. Voices can’t travel through walls, and reverberate where it makes sense. Keep this in mind when calling to your friends for help. There is also a text chat system with commands for yelling, whispering, and out-of-character chat that can be toggled by server admins. With our sophisticated character creation system, you’ll be able to create a unique character that has a former occupation, traits, and attributes that contribute to the overall gameplay.

Dead Matter also features sophisticated visual character customization deeper than has been seen in zombie survival games before. You can change and tweak minute details of your character, from the width of your nose to the height of your eyebrows. You are able to sculpt your character into nearly anything you want.

Dead Matter - Landscape
Guns, Items, and Modifications
Dead Matter - WatchTower

The firearms in Dead Matter have a variety of attachments for you to specialize your gun for your needs. Each weapon has multiple attachment points and modifications with near limitless combinations that let you fine-tune your first and last line of defence against the Infected and other survivors.

We aim to provide a large variety of improvised weapons for players to create. Beyond makeshift melee weapons, the flamethrower is the first implementation of improvised weapons, and more will soon follow. Improvised weapons cannot be reloaded without proper tools and materials. So slap these weapons together, blow your load, and move on before it’s too late.

Our Community Matters
No Strings Attached

We are extremely opposed to the idea of pay-to-win transactions. Dead Matter will never feature any form of pay-to-win transactions.

Equal Access

While we will be working with an official server host, we have elected to work with a company that shares our opinions and we will not limit access to public dedicated server files. Anyone that has the game will be able to host dedicated servers however they like.


We listen to our community, Dead Matter will not be exclusive to any distribution platform. We strive to work with our community to gather feedback and ensure we’re making the right decisions. We also have a great QA testing program that is completely community-driven.